Product Features

Invisible.AC combines air conditioning, heating, ventilation and UV air purification in a single system for year-round comfort. Drafts are eliminated and a temperature differential no greater than 1ºC throughout a room is ensured, comparing most favourably with the variation of up to 6ºC with conventional systems. The system also removes 30 percent more relative humidity and the temperature can be set higher, saving energy and running costs when cooling.

System zoning gives users the flexibility and control to set precise temperatures for different conditions in different areas. The basic Invisible.AC Twin zone product allows up to full-duty in either zone.



With Invisible.AC there is no need to compromise on appearance. Discreet outlets for cool or warm air eliminate the need for ugly grills, wall-units, radiators and pipe runs. The single 25-mm wide linear slot ceiling, wall or floor outlets blend with any traditional or contemporary décor. Inconspicuous round outlets are also available.



The use of acoustic technology ensures that Invisible.AC operates at low noise levels with minimum vibration. Sound-attenuating ducts, smooth running equipment, extensive insulation and low-turbulence outlets enable noise levels as low as NR20 for quiet areas in any location.



Invisible.AC systems are compatible with reversible heat exchanger units to provide air conditioning and heating from a single source. As well as eliminating the additional capital costs of installing two separate systems, the combination of a modern heat-pump and an Invisible.AC system can increase energy efficiency and energy savings by 300 percent over conventional fossil fuel installations. The ability to deliver constant, even temperatures and the potential savings from system zoning can increase energy efficiency even further.



The compact Invisible.AC air-handling equipment fits easily in a roof or cupboard space with small, flexible mini-ducts running in ceiling voids or partition walls. The system is quick and easy to install in new or existing buildings and is suitable for traditionally challenging properties such as historic or heritage buildings.