Perfect for Every Environment

Invisible.AC systems give architects, interior designers, mechanical engineers and installers the flexibility to develop fully customised solutions.


Invisible.AC offers residential customers the convenience of a cooling and heating system that reduces energy costs. With zonal control, they can choose comfortable temperatures for different rooms such as the bedrooms or living areas. With the Invisible.AC Twin zone product, the full duty can used in either area!


Zonal control is one of the most important requirements in commercial properties such as restaurants and retail outlets. Invisible.AC systems provide comfortable temperatures for customers, whilst maintaining appropriate temperatures in working areas and protecting products in storage or on display.

Invisible.AC systems maintain comfortable, even temperatures in the office, helping to improve working conditions and increase productivity. They are quiet in the office environment and maintain temperatures at a level that meets legislation. Individual outlets can simply be moved if office partition layouts are changed.

New Build

Invisible.AC products are more compact than existing technology systems, providing great performance whilst ‘invisible’. They fit into the smallest ceiling void in new construction (<150mm). They can be easily integrated with fresh-air energy recovery ventilation systems.



Historic buildings were never originally intended to have ducted systems installed. With Invisible.AC, authorities, owners can now install a system that provides heating, cooling, fresh-air and dehumidification with out impacting on the visual appearance or the fabric of the building.